Help Online / Self-Help

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Online Modules/Exercises


MoodGYM is interactive web program that teaches the principles of CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). It consists of five modules, an interactive game, anxiety and depression assessments, downloadable relaxation audio, a workbook and feedback assessment.

Healing From BPD

Designed to help people with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), this site includes a blog, chat room and links to a number of great resources for people struggling with BPD, including a site to peer-facilitated online dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) courses.

Anxiety, Flashbacks, and Grounding Techniques

This leaflet, from In Care Survivor Service Scotland, discusses the nature of anxiety, flashbacks, and PTSD and has information and worksheets to help people cope with anxiety symptoms.

Man Therapy

Man Therapy has information, self-assessments, ideas for strengthening mental health and links to resources all provided in a manly way and with a touch of humor. You can also join ManTherapy webchat support groups to connect with other men dealing with whatever you're currently facing.


Online Therapy


Talkspace allows people to get help from professional therapists over text, chat, or video chat. Users can choose to remain anonymous.

BetterHelp connects you online with a licensed counselor based on your therapy needs. You can message your counselor online at any time day or night and the counselor will respond, where the rate of response depends on what you've arranged with that counselor. offers 8-week Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) sessions for specific mental health issues. Sessions include daily chats with your online therapist, worksheets, forums, and assessments.


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