Youth Crisis Chat

On you can log on and chat with a trained peer counselor about anything that's upsetting you or causing you stress. Your conversation takes place over instant messaging (IM) so you don't have to talk out loud and you can be completely anonymous.

We're here to listen, not judge, and everything you say is held strictly confidential so you can feel safe talking about whatever is on your mind.

How It Works

Click above to log on---you'll have to answer a few quick questions and then you'll enter our system. You deserve our full attention so if there are other people ahead of you in the queue, you may have to wait initially. If you stay in the queue one of our counselors will be with you as soon as possible as long at we are within our service hours. You have the option of logging off and logging on again at any point but please note that this will place you at the end of the queue.

Once you're connected with a counselor, you just talk. We do not give advice because you are the expert in your life. We're here to listen and help you process your feelings or discuss plans of action when appropriate. At you will be heard and supported.

Who We Are and Who We Serve is a program of The Crisis Center of Johnson County in Iowa City, IA. The Youth Chat service is intended for people under the age of 18 and people concerned about a young person. While we are an Iowa-based program, anyone in the United States may utilize the service.

All of our peer counselors are volunteers well-trained in crisis intervention and dedicated to providing people emotional support.

Your Privacy

You are not required to provide a name or contact information in order to chat. When you log on, some basic demographic information is collected for statistical purposes. All the information collected on you, including the content of your conversation is held in strict confidence within The Crisis Center of Johnson County and will only be disclosed under very specific circumstances according to our privacy policy. Click here to read our complete privacy policy.